Sold on Charlotte: Neighborhood Managers Share Inside Look at Fast-Growing Region

How much are new residents loving Charlotte, North Carolina? From mid-2021 to mid-2022, more than 100 people moved to the Charlotte metro area every single day. That’s the highest growth the region has experienced since 2010, and Redwood is meeting the demand. Redwood began building neighborhoods in the Charlotte region in 2018, beginning with Redwood Concord.  “Since…

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apartment rental holiday decorating ideas

How to decorate for the holidays in an apartment

Besides spending quality time with friends and family, lots of us have big plans for decorating the inside and outside of our homes. From aromatic potpourri to charger plates and twinkling lights on trees, there are hundreds of ways to spruce up your living space for a more festive look. But when your apartment rental…

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apartment staycation ideas

Staycation ideas for apartment renters

It doesn’t matter if you’re a working professional, stay-at-home parent, or busy full-time student, everyone needs dedicated vacation time for some well-deserved rest. But if the stress of budgeting, planning, and traveling out of town takes fun out of your holiday plans, maybe it’s time for a staycation. For apartment renters, committing to a day…

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National Taco Day at Redwood Neighborhoods Where to Eat

The Best Tacos near Redwood Neighborhoods

Do you love Taco Tuesday? If you’re like us, you can’t let ANY taco-themed day go by without celebrating. So to help our residents and prospective residents find the best tacos in their area, we asked our Redwood Ambassadors to share their favorites. Take a look at what our teams labeled “The Best of the…

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10 Holiday Apartment Decor Tips Redwood Blog

10 Holiday Apartment Decorating Tips (that Won’t Get You in Trouble with Your Landlord)

Looking for some holiday apartment decorating tips that won’t land you on your landlord’s naughty list? Look no further. Whether you’re a purist who won’t decorate for the winter holidays until after Thanksgiving, or someone who decorates as soon as possible, it’s officially time to break out the holiday décor! Grab your twinkle lights, your…

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how to host a holiday feast in your redwood apartment

How to Host a Holiday Feast in Your Apartment

There’s nothing like celebrating the holidays with friends and family. Creating rich, comforting menus, pouring celebratory drinks, and gathering with your favorite people around the table. Living in a house with a full-sized kitchen makes holiday cooking a breeze, but what about living in an apartment? Even if your apartment is roomy, there are going…

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Indiana Summer Festivals

5 Best Outdoor Festivals in Indiana

Indiana is known for many things, NBA players, a thriving economy, and some of the best festivals in the Midwest. While this beautiful state offers plenty to do and see, there’s nothing like spending a day at a festival to make you feel like part of the community.  Whether you’re looking for a traditional fair…

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couch surfing is cool

Apartment Space Saving Tips

Does your single story space feel cluttered? Check out these 10 apartment space saving tips for small spaces and create your ideal home. 10 Single Story Apartment Space Saving Tips Apartments come in all shapes and sizes. But, if you are feeling cramped in your single-story apartment, you need to be creative. Here are ten…

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declutter closets - how to guide

Best Ways to Declutter Closets

No one likes to have to declutter closets on their days off. But when you’re moving, you don’t want to have to box-up and unbox a bunch of stuff you don’t really want or need. But, for many people, the thought of decluttering their closet is overwhelming. There are some inexpensive ways you can make…

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Redwood Union Township Patio

How to Create an Apartment Patio Vegetable Garden

If you’ve always been good with your hands and love gardening, you MUST try growing your own apartment patio vegetable garden. Growing fresh vegetables gives you the satisfaction of growing your own food, knowing where your vegetables come from and you can eat them fresh without losing their vital nutrients. Apartment living doesn’t really encourage…

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Dinner party step-by-step guide

Dinner Party Guide – Step-By-Step

Are thinking about hosting some friends over for a meal? This dinner party step-by-step guide will walk you through the entire planning process. Once you have a solid plan for your dinner party, the rest is easy. Create the Guest List Start by creating the guest list. How big of a party do you want…

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