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7 Excuses to Throw A Party to Get to Know Your Neighbors

There’s no better way to meet new neighbors and become part of the community than throwing a party. While most neighborhoods have a few rules to abide by concerning noise and street traffic, Redwood supports its residents in socializing and getting to know one another. Bringing the community together always leads to fun.

Since we think it’s easier to find reasons to throw parties than reasons not to, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ice breaker themes to get yours started.

Summer Block Party

When summer comes,  sunshine, lounge time, cold drinks, and sunscreen arrive with it. There’s no better time to throw a block party and get your little slice of the neighborhood in on the action. Block parties are a family-friendly way to get involved and meet the neighbors living on your street. They’re beneficial in that they include everyone, so nobody is left out and looking to complain about music or noise.

To throw the best block party we recommend delegating different food or activity stations around your block. One home is the dessert stop, another could be finger foods, and another beverages. Sharing the responsibilities doesn’t end at food. Neighbors can take turns leading activities and games while mingling freely is an excellent way to ensure everybody gets a chance to enjoy the festivities.

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Fundraiser or Community Cause

Nothing brings a community together like a cause, whether you’re raising money for the local community center, working to create a new summer camp for local kids, or raising awareness for a pet shelter. Fundraisers not only raise funds, awareness, and empathy, they help you bond over something worthwhile. You might even meet some neighbors you’d never get an opportunity to greet otherwise.

A community party is best served in a common area such as a community center, but fundraisers can happen in front yards, kitchens, or your neighbor’s living room – it just depends on the invitees and your personal style.

Housewarming Party

The most obvious way to get to know your neighbors and settle into the social flow of your new community is to throw a housewarming party. Moving into your new apartment rental home is certainly a reason worth celebrating! You might even receive a few great gifts to showcase throughout your décor.

One of the things we love about our apartment rental homes here at Redwood is the party-friendly environment with open-concept living. Redwood floor plans include bright natural light, modern décor, spanking new stainless-steel appliances and a great outdoor space to call your own. From the kitchen to the patio, you can celebrate your new home in style.

holiday gift exchange

Holiday Gift Exchange

There’s no shortage of reasons to celebrate during the holidays, but how do you include your neighbors? A local holiday gift exchange where everybody draws a name and buys for somebody else is an excellent way to get to know your neighbors. Many small communities are jumping on this bandwagon by creating party pages on social media sites where neighbors can add their name to the gift registry, offer up a few suggestions, and let the host know what they’re bringing to eat/drink.

This is especially fun for families with grown children who are doing their own thing around the holidays and won’t be home until the main event. Holiday parties give you an opportunity to try out all those great new recipes you’ve been seeing in holiday magazines and show off your apartment.

board games

Card or Game Night

Board games bring people together, which is why so many great parties start with a game. From breaking the ice with new neighbors you haven’t met yet, to having a few laughs with old friends – a card or game night is the perfect excuse to entertain.

A great aspect of a game night is all the snacks you get to create in your state-of-the-art Redwood kitchen. Some of our favorite board game night foods include:

  • Veggies and dip
  • Boneless wings in dipping sauce
  • Fully loaded nachos
  • Sliders in lettuce buns
  • Chips and guacamole

A Season Finale Watch-a-thon

Whether it’s reality TV or the latest episode of a crime-drama, people love season finales. Getting together with your friends and neighbors for a viewing party opens doors for conversation and fun. Plus, who doesn’t love a theme?

Here’s a cool idea. Ask everybody to dress up as their favorite character or create themed snacks and décor to set the stage for the new episode. You’ll be the coolest house on the block, leaving friends planning for next year’s finale before they’re even out the door.

Adult Birthday Party!

Over the years, parents endure years of balloons, cake, and kid’s party games, but when our little ones are finally grown, the adults get to party! Who says birthday parties are just for kids? Break out the bubbly, toss pin the tail on the donkey out the window and create a whole new style of party for you and your pals.

Create a signature cocktail all your own, order in succulent desserts from local restaurants in lieu of the classic cake, and make loot bags your friends will love. Trade out lollipops and noisemakers for organic face masks and your favorite shade of nail polish – the possibilities are endless.

A birthday party is also a perfect reason to add a few new flourishing home décor items to your living room. At Redwood, our apartment rental homes are designed for entertaining with plenty of open space, bright natural light and modern décor. Accent your space with some new luxurious throws, a few cushions, and a plush rug to match your birthday streamers.

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