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Discover Unique Features of Redwood Neighborhoods

From quality construction to Redwood’s signature single-story design with premium amenities, to top-notch customer service, consistency is a key attribute of Redwood’s brand.

At Redwood, we believe every resident deserves the same remarkable experience—from leasing to move in to residency and beyond—no matter which neighborhood they choose to call home. Whether you live in a Redwood apartment in Michigan or North Carolina, our teams will provide the same level of service and our apartments will provide the same quality of life.

That’s not to say that all Redwood Neighborhoods all look exactly the same though! Depending on the land’s natural resources, local municipality requirements or other factors, some neighborhoods offer residents a water feature while others may have a walking path or access to a nearby park. Discover some of the unique neighborhood features that can be found in some of Redwood’s markets.

Redwood Apartment Neighborhoods in Ohio

Ohio Neighborhoods

Redwood Akron | 1738 Northampton Rd | Akron OH

Residents of Redwood Akron can easily take in the outdoors thanks to the neighboring Cascade Valley Metro Park that features everything from mountain bike trails to archery ranges. There’s even access to one of the trails directly from the neighborhood.

Redwood Avon Lake | 610 Hampshire Blvd | Avon Lake, Ohio

In the early 1930s, a large surplus grape crop prompted Albert R. Klingshirn to begin producing wine commercially in the cellar of his home. Today, Klingshirn Winery is a third-generation family vineyard and continues to grow and produce some of Ohio’s finest grapes and wines less than a quarter mile from Redwood Avon Lake.

Redwood Canal Winchester | 6598 Finch Lane | Canal Winchester, Ohio

On average, a Redwood Neighborhood consists of 120 apartment homes – developed in one or two phases. Except in the case of a neighborhood like Redwood Canal Winchester, one of Redwood’s largest neighborhoods, that includes 329 apartment homes built in four different phases.

Redwood Cuyahoga Falls | 1201 Liverpool St | Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

This neighborhood is one of only a few Redwood Neighborhoods with a clubhouse space for use by residents! The spacious clubhouse is used for resident events, and residents can even rent for their own events for a nominal fee.

Redwood Cuyahoga Falls West Bath Road | 487 Redwood Dr | Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Thanks to the property’s mature trees and unique topography, Cuyahoga Falls West Bath has beautiful views throughout. It is also right next to Cuyahoga Valley National Park and minutes from Blossom Music Center, inviting residents to recreate right in their backyard.

Redwood Elyria | 245 Brittany Lane | Elyria, Ohio

Built in 2004, Redwood’s Elyria neighborhood features a rare 1,400-square-foot, two-story floor plan option, called the “Hollywood.” The upstairs features the master bedroom, bathroom, a spacious closet, and flex space. There are 24 Hollywood apartment homes in this neighborhood.

Redwood Hudson | 1101 Redwood Boulevard | Hudson, Ohio

At Redwood Hudson, there is a local hike and bike on a trail that runs right alongside the neighborhood, and for miles in northeast Ohio! The neighborhood is also just eight minutes from Hudson’s historic First & Main district.

Redwood Kent & Redwood Kent Tallmadge Road | Kent, Ohio

Redwood Kent and nearby Redwood Kent Tallmadge Rd. are just minutes from The Boathouse on Mogadore Reservoir. The reservoir is home to many species of bird, fish, and wildlife, making it a great destination for recreational activities including boating, kayaking, hiking, biking and more. Residents can rent boats, kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddle boards through the spring, summer, and fall.

Redwood Macedonia | 8282 Lakeview Drive | Macedonia, Ohio

Redwood Macedonia is laid out in a quarter-mile loop – perfect for residents who want to get their steps in!

Redwood Mansfield | 900 Max Avenue | Mansfield, Ohio

Redwood Mansfield has four Forestwood homes that are standalone single-family homes. Plus, it’s just a few miles away from local wineries!

Redwood Norton | 3599 Redwood Boulevard | Norton, Ohio

Explore Columbia Woods Park right down the street, perfect for playing a variety of sports, enjoying picnics, attending the city’s Annual Cider Festival and more.

Redwood Oregon | 4744 Navarre Avenue, #40 | Oregon, Ohio

Redwood Oregon is directly across the street from the beautiful Pearson Metropark with various walking trails, scenic ponds with abundant wildlife. The neighborhood is also conveniently located near Maumee Bay State Park, connecting residents to the beaches of Lake Erie, boardwalk, and camping grounds.

Redwood Sandusky | 122 Redwood Drive | Sandusky, Ohio

Less than 10 minutes from the Jet Express and Cedar Point, Redwood Sandusky offers convenient access to all that the Lake Erie Islands have to offer. This neighborhood also features Redwood’s first extended garages in a few of its homes.

Redwood Sylvania | 3017 Coffeetree Lane | Sylvania, Ohio

Wildlife and outdoor recreation options abound at nearby Secor Metropark and Olander Park. Around the corner is also Fossil Park, which is a five-acre rock quarry that allows people to search for world-renowned fossils in a controlled environment. During the summer months the Centennial Quarry is a hit with its deep water, spring-fed swimming hole complete with waterslide, dive platforms, water toys, rafts and sandy beach—plus live entertainment.

Redwood Troy Arthur Road | 1030 Office Redharvest Drive | Troy, Ohio

Redwood Troy Arthur Road has a walking path and pergola around the main pond – and will feature fountains in the near future.

Redwood Apartment Neighborhoods in Illinois

Illinois Neighborhoods

Redwood Lockport | 17215 Juniper Drive | Lockport, Illinois

This Redwood Neighborhood has The Legacy Ranch horse farm in its backyard, which provides therapeutic riding sessions, corporate team building, riding lessons, field trips, yoga, parties, meditations, and other events.

Redwood Apartment Neighborhoods in Indiana

Indiana Neighborhoods

Redwood Fort Wayne Diebold Road | 4021 Frost Grass Drive | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Residents enjoy the neighborhood’s walking trail, which is connected to a closed nature preserve operated by ACRES land trust (Emilian Woods). The serene trail features several wood bridges and a mow path through peaceful woods and marshland.

Redwood Apartment Neighborhoods in South Carolina

South Carolina Neighborhoods

Redwood Greer Abner Creek Road & Redwood Greer Ashburton Drive | Greer, South Carolina

Select Redwood Neighborhoods have a bonus lower level. This happens when a piece of land requires a unique approach to construction, and thus a creative floor plan, such as the Basswood, Scarletwood, Ashwood, Ironwood floor plans which are offered at these South Carolina neighborhoods.

Redwood Lake Wylie | 241 Dexter Rd #101 | Lake Wylie, South Carolina

This neighborhood is located less than a mile from a large recreational lake by the same name, Lake Wylie.

No matter where in the suburban United States a Redwood Neighborhood is located, Redwood offers reliably convenient and comfortable living accommodations for residents looking for the rental experience they deserve.

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