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8 Tips for Successful Apartment Gardening

Apartment gardening has become even more popular in the last year, and for good reason. While we were all staying at home, there was time to explore new hobbies! If you’ve wanted to start gardening but feel limited by your apartment (or by your less-than-green thumb), this article is for you.  Check out our tips…

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Top 10 Homemade Decor Trends

Home décor is about creating a space that you want to be in, both for comfort and aesthetics. Designing a living space doesn’t need to cost a fortune. But when you head to home decor stores or websites, it can be easy to get sticker shock! In fact, there’s been a resurgence of DIY trends…

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Apartment living room decoration ideas for renters

Apartment Living Room Ideas

Living in an apartment has LOTS of pros and a few cons. Positively, you have access to a great living space with no maintenance or upkeep and no property taxes to pay. On the other hand, there are usually a few property rules to follow, especially when it comes to home décor. At Redwood apartment…

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Are Houseplants A Form of Decor?

Home décor is more than just the furniture you sit on or the art you hang on your walls, art is considered anything in your home that raises the aesthetic value of your space. This includes houseplant décor. Houseplants have a way of creating a living, breathing piece of nature inside your own home. Whether…

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10 Holiday Apartment Decor Tips Redwood Blog

10 Holiday Apartment Decorating Tips (that Won’t Get You in Trouble with Your Landlord)

Looking for some holiday apartment decorating tips that won’t land you on your landlord’s naughty list? Look no further. Whether you’re a purist who won’t decorate for the winter holidays until after Thanksgiving, or someone who decorates as soon as possible, it’s officially time to break out the holiday décor! Grab your twinkle lights, your…

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