Apartment rental patio space decor

Simple Ways to Maximize Any Apartment Patio Space

Sometimes getting the most out of your apartment means maximizing the space you have and if you’re lucky, you get an outdoor patio space with your rental. Depending on where you rent, that outdoor space could be private, or you may have a patio in view of your neighbors. 

But there’s a really good solution to enjoying your outdoor space –

Simple ways to maximize apartment patio space

Create your patio oasis

When you can sit outside, soak up the sun and breathe in some fresh air on warmer nights, you’re taking in a little nature.  Your small patio can be spruced up to look like an oasis with the right furniture, a few throw pillows, potted plants, and a little bit of imagination.

De-clutter your apartment patio

First, to maximize apartment patio space, you must clear the clutter and get rid of the junk you’ve stored there. Clearing the space from clutter is already a start in “more space”. Go through all of your items and see what you can use on your patio. Got some animal print pillows? Create a safari-themed sitting area by arranging durable outdoor seating, adding brightly colored cushions and using your animal print pillows to round out the theme. Add a few potted plants for a lush green effect and a low coffee or side table. 

Go for a minimalist look to keep within weight limits

If you are into minimalism, keep it straight and simple with one or two lounging chairs, a table, some weather resistant decor (like solar powered floor lanterns) to define the space, and a few easy to care for plants strategically placed on the side. You can use a glass top metal side table to place your morning or evening drinks and store patio related knick-knacks. This minimalist look is perfect to maximize an apartment patio. 

Build an elevated plant rack for green effect and additional privacy

Create the patio oasis you’ve envisioned by putting an elevated rack along the patio edge or just off the concrete slab. This maximizes apartment patio space to clear the floor from potted plants. Add a weatherproof wooden bench, a thick shawl or lightweight blanket as well as square padding for sitting. A bench can be used both for sitting or to lay down with a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The plants add beautiful greenery and also give you a bit of privacy too, as the rack runs along the side of your patio near your neighbors’ outdoor space.

Add an all-weather table and durable outdoor chairs

Any size patio can use some great seating. Add a comfortable chair with or without an armrest. Place a small side table to put your book, coffee, and hold a small potted plant.

Maximize apartment patio space with these simple ways – clear up the area, use whatever useful things you have, build a plant rack to optimize floor area as well as for added privacy, and don’t let a small area dampen your mood to open your apartment patio. Use your imagination and enjoy your newly created oasis.


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  3. Dave Tomlinson on April 24, 2021 at 12:58 am

    Can you have a fire pit

  4. Susan Heimerdinger on June 15, 2021 at 3:37 pm

    I love our view from our patio! I just wish we had an outdoor spigot there so it would be easier to water my containers & not have to walk water across the apartment.