How to lower your utility bills

Simple Things You Can Do to Lower Your Utility Bills 

It’s never a bad idea to look at your monthly spending and see where you can save—you may be surprised how easy it can be. One great place to start is with your utility bill. You may not even realize how much money you’re throwing away on energy costs. Here are a few ideas to help you save on your next bill. 

Do the easy things first 

There is plenty of new technology you can use to save on utilities, but before you invest in that, why not start with the basics? 

  • Check your thermostat – Believe it or not, adjusting your temperature settings just a few degrees—lower in the winter and higher in the summer—can put a serious dent in your energy costs. In fact, raising your thermostat by two degrees during the summer months can reduce your energy cost by two to three percent. 
  • Take a shorter shower – You hear this all the time, but does it actually work? According to the research, it does! Shortening your shower by just four minutes can save around 4,000 gallons of water in a year. This can have a significant effect on your payments each month. 
  • Adjust freezer and fridge temps – The same logic that applied to your thermostat can also help you save with your refrigerator and freezer. Keeping your appliances a few degrees warmer is a great tactic, and it really won’t make a difference to your food. Just make sure your food is still kept at a safe temperature
  • Wash large loads of laundry – Avoid running your washer more than necessary, and you’ll save! Combine smaller loads of clothes, and you’ll cut down on the number of times you run your washer. This will save gallons of water, while also cutting down on the laundry duty. 

Consider investing in some energy saving technology 

There is quite a bit of energy-saving technology you can invest in to decrease your utility bills, even when you live in an apartment. Here are a few ideas for where to start: 

  • Swap in high-efficiency lightbulbs – As you invest in energy savings, know there will be some up-front costs. High efficiency lightbulbs are more expensive than regular ones, which may deter you. But in the long run, these will save you an average of $225 a year on lighting costs. 
  • Use a smart power switch – Even when your devices are off, they still use electricity in standby mode. To prevent this energy from costing you, try installing a smart power switch. This type of switch will cut off total power to your devices while not in use. 
  • Dim your lights – Don’t let living in an apartment keep you from dimming your lights! You won’t need a dimmer switch if you choose a lamp with a dimmable bulb. There are plenty of modern lamp options available to help you cut down on energy. 

Choose a home that helps you save 

When you’re trying to save on energy costs, where you live makes a big difference. Try to choose an apartment community that sets you up for success. Here are a few items that companies like Redwood invest in to help their residents live a more energy efficient life: 

  • Energy Star rated appliances – Ask your leasing agent what types of appliances are included in your potential home. Energy Star rated machines can save you $100 per year, compared with same-year, non-certified products. At Redwood, our machines are certified to help you save. 
  • 95% efficient HVAC systems – Does your next home have an efficient heating and cooling system?  If not, you could be looking at higher costs all year. With the use of high-efficiency HVAC units, apartments can even achieve a lower-than-average residential building carbon footprint. 
  • LED lighting – Lighting fixtures that use LED bulbs can help save 30-80% on energy bills. They don’t create harmful chemicals and give off low amounts of heat. Plus, if your property management company has invested in them before you move in, you don’t have to pay the up-front cost of more expensive bulbs. 
  • Fully insulated exterior walls – If your apartment has better insulation, you’ll be able to keep your home at a more stable temperature, without heated or cooled air escaping.  

If you’re looking for a new home, consider an apartment community like Redwood Neighborhoods, where you get all the above benefits, plus more. Our single-story, two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment homes come with an attached garage, personal patio and the ability to have the ability to have up to three pets.  

Cutting down on your energy bill doesn’t have to be difficult, and you can make an impact simply by changing some habits. If you’re looking for a bigger change, Redwood can help.  

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