Apartment Houseplants

The Best Houseplants for Any Apartment Garden

Just because you’re living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the great outdoors, inside! Adding houseplants is a great way to spruce up the home décor, and provide other added benefits. Some advantages of having plants in your home include

  • Improved mood 
  • Better air quality 
  • A reduction in stress 
  • The addition of life to indoor spaces 

Having houseplants doesn’t have to be difficult. And with the extra room you’ll have in your Redwood apartment, there are plenty of options that will work for you, even in your flexible space. So if you’re ready to start your indoor garden, try adding one of these plants to your home. 

Snake Plant 

Worried about neglecting your houseplant and wasting time and energy? Then the snake plant is right for you. 

Considered to be a great plant for beginners, snake plants can handle being watered less than other species. Plus, they tolerate low light well, and even purify the air by removing toxins. 

snake plant

ZZ Plant 

These plants are very similar to snake plants in the fact that they only need to be watered three times per month. So, if you’re a busy person, but still want that spark of color, this may be the way to go.  

Plus, with its size, the ZZ plant makes a great tabletop plant. It can add life to any room, deters bugs, and even thrive in low light

ZZ plant


Why cacti? First off, there are many varieties, and they are unique to look at. This will add some flair to any room, and can be a great talking piece. Plus, as a desert plant, cacti require very minimal water, and are extremely resilient. The only requirement is sun, which you can get by placing them next to your window, or near your large sliding door, if you live in a Redwood apartment

Just be careful of the spikes! 



Want to create a unique aesthetic? Bamboo is a great addition to any apartment collection. Not only does it bring greenery into your home, but it can also serve as a conversation piece. A plant with a rich history, it’s known to bring a sense of calm to any space. All bamboo requires is water, and it prefers a low-light place in your home.  

Not only is bamboo a way to start your houseplant hobby, it’s also a great way to join a friendly community where you can learn techniques, styles, and ways of shaping your bamboo. It’s so popular, there are even communities dedicated solely to the cultivation of this plant! 


Spider Plant 

Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. 

The spider plant is a fantastic option if you are looking for something that will give you plenty of foliage. This plant loves having crowded roots and loves to grow in every direction. This makes it an ideal choice if you want something to fill up a space in your room. Plus, low light is no problem at all for this houseplant candidate. 

With the added benefits of air purification and humidity control, the spider plant is a very functional plant to have in your collection. 

spider plant

Apartment gardening is a fast-growing hobby, and for good reasons. It’s truly simple to do, and has benefits for every home. Even if you’re someone who thinks you are too busy for plants, there are still plenty of options, including some species that only need minimal sun and water. So now that you have a list of the best starter plants, get going, and start your home garden today! 

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