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10 Holiday Apartment Decorating Tips (that Won’t Get You in Trouble with Your Landlord)

Looking for some holiday apartment decorating tips that won’t land you on your landlord’s naughty list? Look no further.

Whether you’re a purist who won’t decorate for the winter holidays until after Thanksgiving, or someone who decorates as soon as possible, it’s officially time to break out the holiday décor! Grab your twinkle lights, your imagination, and use these tips for bringing a little cheer to your apartment this holiday season.

1) Read Your Lease’s Fine Print

The best way to avoid getting in trouble (or worse, charged!) for your holiday apartment décor is to know the rules before you start. Because of the damage decorations can cause, as well as causing safety concerns, apartment décor is often mentioned in apartment leases. For example, at Redwood, we don’t allow outdoor décor because of the damage it can cause to doors, siding, and more.

So ask yourself (or better yet, your apartment manager) a few questions before launching into full holiday mode:

  • Does your apartment allow putting nails in the wall?
  • What about in the door for a wreath?
  • Are outdoor lights allowed?
  • Are there any restrictions on how much décor is allowed outside?
  • Do you need to remove your doormat outside?

2) Stock Up on Command Hooks

If you haven’t used these removable hooks for décor yet, you’re missing out. Command hooks allow you to hang things on walls, doors, and more without causing damage. Plus, a lot of them can handle significant weight! You can check the package for each hook’s weight capacity. Hang wreaths, garlands, art, and more. Just make sure the adhesive has time to fully stick to the wall before you put any weight on the hook, or you may wake up to some droopy décor.

Red and Gold Decor in a Metal Basket Redwood Apartment Blog

3) Pick a Theme

When you’re in an apartment, you can pretty much see all of your space at once. One way to make sure everything looks cohesive this holiday season is to pick a theme. Are you going for wintery blues? Maybe you like that red and gold look, or perhaps the winter white is more your style. Pick a theme so it’s easier to avoid feeling overwhelmed by all of the décor options out there.

4) Find Ways to be Thrifty

No one said you had to get all new décor for your apartment or spend a lot to make it your own style. Did you know you can find décor at thrift stores, the dollar store, and other discount stores? You can also use your current décor as a base, and just add a few holiday touches. Add twinkle lights to your favorite pictures, put out a bowl of dollar store ornaments for a bit of shine, and use natural elements like pine boughs for an inexpensive centerpiece.

And don’t forget to bring out the holiday classics you’ve inherited from loved ones. Often they’re already in your house and just need to be arranged for the new season!

Redwood Living Apartment Neighborhoods DIY Wreath Made by Redwood Resident in Michigan
Redwood in Superior Township, MI hosted a wreath-making class led by one of our residents!

5) DIY Your Heart Out

For the crafters out there, the holidays offer endless opportunities to DIY some new décor! Make your own wreaths, create a giant snowflake out of hangers, paint a winter scene, wherever your talents lie, use them to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Head to Pinterest to find all the ideas you could ever want.

Not the craftiest? Check out things like holiday printables that are easy to customize and add a frame to!

6) Add Pops of Color

Remember that theme you decided on? Pick one color from your scheme and make it the accent! So if you’re working on a red, white and gold theme, you may want to use red as your accent since it’s so bold. Then pick out a red blanket and a few throw pillows that have red in them. You can also add pops of red in a centerpiece, garland, and more.

7) Introduce a Holiday Scent

Décor isn’t just about what you see! It has a lot to do with a feeling you get when you walk into a room. One way to create the perfect ambiance is with scent. You can use candles, wax melts, essential oils in a diffuser, or a good old-fashioned stovetop potpourri! Whether you feel inspired by the more woodsy scents, cinnamon, or something a little sweeter, there’s something out there for you.

Pro tip: keep your theme for your wrapping paper!

8) Use Your Presents as Décor

Running out of room after all that Black Friday shopping? Time to multitask! Wrap those presents up and put them around your apartment. They’ll bring a festive feel to your space without requiring much effort (you were going to wrap them anyways, right?). Just make sure no one does any peeking before it’s time to unwrap…

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9) Bring in a Little Sparkle

There’s just something about the holidays that demands a bit of sparkle. You can use twinkle lights in a glass hurricane, glittery garlands, or metallic elements to help you add a little more fun to your space. When paired with a pop of color, the sparkle brings a feel of the holidays to your home, helping you achieve all of your apartment décor dreams.

10) Watch Out for Fire Hazards

Last but certainly not least, make sure that you’re always aware of any safety hazards that could come with holiday décor. ‘Tis the season for extension cords, so make sure they’re not overloaded, and that they’re the right gauge for your needs. Put décor on a timer so it’s not always on, and be sure to blow out any candles you may have burning. If you have a tree, make sure that it’s well watered to keep it from drying out, and keep all heat-creating electronics away from it. If you do nothing else, just make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy, in case there’s an issue.

At the end of the day, holiday décor offers a chance to get creative! And thinking of the restrictions set by your lease as guidelines can actually provide a framework for your creativity. Happy decorating, renters!

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