Resident Appreciation Month 2019 | Showering Our Residents with Love

What’s Resident Appreciation Month? At Redwood, we love our residents, and we love showing them how much we appreciate their choice to live at a Redwood Neighborhood. So each year, we spend a full month hosting events to do just that!

October is for Appreciation

Fall is a quintessential time to reflect on the year so far, give thanks, and celebrate that it’s not quite winter yet. And when we reflect on the year, it’s hard not to feel grateful for the amazing residents who have chosen to call Redwood home. Leading into the month of thanks, we wanted to show our residents just how important they are to us. So we decided that the 2019 Redwood Resident Appreciation events would be held in October!

Resident Appreciation Month 2019

This year, we wanted to host a variety of events, so our residents could come spend time with our Neighborhood Teams, mingle with neighbors, feel like part of a real community, and of course, receive a few gifts!

Resident Appreciation Event 1: Breakfast On-the-Go!

There’s nothing like starting your day out with a nutritious meal, hot coffee or tea, and a gift! Our neighborhood teams greeted our residents with all of the above (plus smiles!) for the kickoff Resident Appreciation event.

Resident Appreciation Event 2: Happy Yappy Hour

Is there anything cuter than pets at resident events? We don’t think so! We loved seeing all of our residents, whether they had two legs, four, or even had a pair of wings! Plus, we got the bonus of seeing a few fun costumes.

Resident Appreciation Event 3: Welcome Home Snack

We know all of our residents can’t make it out to morning events, so we decided to try a welcome home snack this year. Our residents got to stop in for a quick snack on their way to their Redwood homes.

But wait… there’s more!

Residents don’t just get food and gifts during Resident Appreciation Month… There’s actually an added bonus! Each household could enter our drawing to win a trip to the Redwood National Forest in Northern California! For the second year in a row, we’ll be sending THREE lucky residents to see the glorious trees that are our company’s namesake.

At the end of the month, we banked up all of the entries to prepare for a drawing of names for the THREE lucky residents who will be surprised

Want to see what Redwood’s resident appreciation looks like for yourself? Take a look at last year’s events.

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