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Redwood’s New Discount for U.S. Armed Forces Veterans

At Redwood, we value all of our residents. And we like to do what we can to show them how much we care. On the heels of our Resident Appreciation Month, our company wanted to do something special for United States Armed Forces veterans by unveiling our new Veteran’s Discount Policy.

Redwood has historically offered a discount to active duty military members, and also to police officers and firefighters. And we think veterans deserve a thank you for their service as well. So for the first time in Redwood’s history, we have created a program for veterans to receive a discount on their fees!

All new Redwood applicants who are U.S. Armed Forces veterans will be eligible to receive a discount on the up-front fees associated with leasing. They’ll get a $0 deposit, $0 administrative fee, and $0 application fee.

Redwood Living, Inc.'s veteran discount policy graphic - $0 deposit, $0 admin fee, $0 application fee

We are thrilled to offer this discount to new applicants, and we hope it is a helpful gesture to those veterans considering a Redwood Neighborhood for their new home.

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  1. Sharon Bentle on January 24, 2021 at 8:33 pm

    We have found in some apartment/villa communities many options, one which we have really been thinking was an added bonus was a choice of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, i.e.. dark and lighter stained and white cabinets to choose from in the villas we saw. This helps especially if the elderly or visionally impaired clients need better light or more light to see, the white cabinets make it much easier on them to see what and where they can orient themselves in their homes.

    This is one of our chief reasons for choosing the villa or apartment.

  2. Rich and Mary MacNair on September 25, 2021 at 3:09 pm

    Regarding the Veterans Discount Program, are present veterans grandfathered in the program? I am a U. S. Coast Guard vet with 26 years of service. My wife and I moved in approximately 1-1/2 years ago in the Avon Lake Neighborhood. The program really interests us, but do not know if we qualify.