est Apartment Rental Housewarming Gifts for Millennials

10 Best Apartment Housewarming Gifts for Millennials

When trying to find the perfect housewarming gift for apartment renters or first time home buyers, the last thing you want to do is to give something boring or something that your millennial friends or family will slyly re-gift to someone else. You want to give a gift that people will actually use and be proud to show in their apartment, condo, or single family home.

Here’s a list of ten best housewarming gift ideas for Millennials that will be well received.

Gift Cards for a Food Box Subscription Service

Moving into a new apartment or home takes a lot of work. It may take a week or so before the kitchen is all set up for cooking. Give a gift that allows people to eat great food at home without having to figure out where they put the colander. Gift cards to meal delivery services like Blue Apron, Sun Basket, or Hello Fresh will make their lives easier.

Unique Candles

Candles are an underrated luxury. With the right candle, you can instantly be transported to another time and place. A unique candle can add to any decor of the apartment or home. You can find candles with scents from all fifty states, that are tied to a specific job, or even candles that smell like your favorite coffee bean or microbrew.

Indestructible Houseplant

Plants are great for the environment, help make an apartment feel “homey”, and are often too easy to kill. Instead of giving a bouquet of already dying flowers or a delicate plant that needs its own sitter, get an indestructible houseplant. Many plants are hearty and do best when left alone. Consider buying a succulent for their new home.

est Apartment Rental Housewarming Gifts for MillennialsMesh Wi-Fi Router

For technophile millennials, nothing is more annoying than a Wi-Fi dead spot in the middle of your home. You can save people a lot of frustration by giving a mesh Wi-Fi router. This a system of routers and repeaters that you place throughout the interior space. When you use a mesh router, your friends and family will be able to stream or watch Netflix anywhere in the house.

LED Lighting Strips

Technology may be advancing at a faster rate than ever before in human history, but we still have not yet mastered getting lighting in all the places in our homes where we need it. LED strip lighting is the ultimate solution. When you can put a strip at any desired length onto under your dresser or hallway table,

Yard Games

Nobody wants to stay inside all day unpacking and organizing. Give your friends or family an excuse to go outside and enjoy their new patios or common space. Give a set of yard games. This will also give them the perfect excuse to get to know the neighbors. Classic games like croquet or bocce ball are easy to learn and fun to play.

Instant Pot

Millennials are busy. But, when you move into a new apartment or home, you are even busier than usual. You can help make sure new your friends and family have a chance to eat delicious and healthy meals by giving an Instant Pot. The Instant Pot is a cross between a microwave and a slow cooker. It is a pressure cooker that can prepare almost anything in two to thirty minutes. Plus, the food is fresh and not dried out like microwave food.

Collapsible Food Containers

Everyone knows the pain of the Tupperware drawer—too many containers and never enough matching lids. You can save your friends and family this agony by getting them a set of collapsible food containers. These take up much less room than traditional food containers, and the lids are much easier to keep track of.

Flat Colander

Colanders are critical for washing vegetables, making pasta, and making you feel like a real adult. But, traditional colanders are also bulky. This makes them hard to store and hard to wash. Instead, you should buy a flat colander. These easily fit in the sink. They are easier to use, look nicer, and they are much easier to wash and store.

Deluxe Bath Towels

What’s better than taking a hot shower or bath? Getting out of the water and wrapping up in a soft, oversized, luxurious towel. Few people are willing to splurge on great bath towels when they are dealing with all the other expenses that come with a new home. Spread some joy and give deluxe bath towels as a housewarming present.