Shift Your Mindset and Unlock the Potential of Your Garage 

Traditionally the place to securely park your car and store yard equipment, there’s no denying the perks and practicality of having your own private garage. And that’s especially true for apartment dwellers who most commonly utilize shared garage space or have open parking arrangements outdoors. But for hobbyists, pet owners or anyone just looking to add some extra living space, you can easily transform your garage into a space that works for your lifestyle. Below are just a few creative ways to unlock the potential of your garage.  

A place to party 

Consider throwing your next get-together, game night or tailgate party right in your garage. Pop up a projector screen and some folding tables and chairs, and suddenly you have a space fit for a festive crowd. Wireless speakers offer an easy way to add music or play-by-play commentary to your event, and a full-size or even mini fridge will keep refreshments within close reach.  
Bonus: Garage parties keep the mess out of your house and make the after-party clean-up a breeze! 

A prime spot for plants 

Looking to jumpstart your outdoor container garden? The garage is the perfect place to start the process until the weather warms up. Many varieties of herbs, decorative plants and vegetables such as beans, kale, lettuce, onions and radishes can grow in containers and thrive in your garage before you move them outdoors. Establishing those plants early might even result in a more fruitful harvest. If your garage lacks natural light, try some grow lights for extra support – you can even find battery-operated ones for added convenience. Looking for more inspiration for your container garden? Check out these tips and tricks.
Bonus: Rescue those outdoor plants on frosty nights by pulling them into your garage garden.

A corner for creativity

Artists, makers and musicians need a space to ideate and create – and the garage can be the perfect place to do it all. Artists can quickly transform the space by adding a sturdy worktable, shelving and bins for supplies as well as a gallery hanging system to their new studio. Casual musicians can also enjoy the benefits of a garage studio by adding the proper soundproofing and storage systems for their instruments and equipment. Just remember to be mindful of your neighbors! 
Bonus: Enjoy a distraction-free zone to channel your creativity.

A room for recreation 

A workout room in your garage gives you extra space to stretch out and a dedicated place for your own personal gym. Treadmills, elliptical machines, free weights, and yoga mats can all easily find a home in your garage. A dart board, putting green or ping pong table are some other additions for a less strenuous way to unwind.   
Bonus: Open your garage door and enjoy some fresh air during your workout. 

A palace for pets

Four-legged family members can enjoy their own oasis in the garage. Perhaps your pup might enjoy its own mini dog park, or you can put a playpen or climbing structure in your garage for your cat. With a little know-how you might even be able to create a suitable setup for your lizard or rabbit to explore. But of course, always keep safety in mind when experimenting with a secondary space for your pets.  
Bonus: Contain all that pet hair (and other potential messes!) within the confines of your garage – not indoors. 

Living in an apartment home by Redwood means you can enjoy the benefits of a private attached garage – and the freedom to choose how to use it – for no additional fee outside of your rent.  

Here you can find even more reasons why it’s ideal to rent an apartment with an attached garage. And for additional tips and advice to help maximize your rental experience, continue your journey through Redwood’s blog.