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Apartment Space Saving Tips

Does your single story space feel cluttered? Check out these 10 apartment space saving tips for small spaces and create your ideal home.

10 Single Story Apartment Space Saving Tips

Apartments come in all shapes and sizes. But, if you are feeling cramped in your single-story apartment, you need to be creative. Here are ten ideas for making the most of your limited space.

Functional Décor

When space is at a premium, everything needs to do double duty, including your décor. Use hooks to free up cabinet space and hang items that look good together. You can hang up your pans on hooks in the kitchen or your best-looking hats near the front door.

Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Make use of every space, including the back of your doors. You can use an over-the-door shoe organizer inside of your bedroom closet. But, shoe organizers don’t have to be used just for shoes. You also use these organizers for storing hats and gloves, cleaning products, and bathroom accessories.

Discover inexpensive organizers from your favorite retailers such as Target, Walmart, or Amazon.

Acrylic Risers

You can create more space inside of kitchen cabinets and medicine cabinets by using cheap acrylic risers. These mini-shelves allow you to get the most out of the small vertical space in-between the shelves. These are perfect for any area where you have to store a lot of small items.

Storage Tables

Coffee tables and end tables are great for setting things in you are using temporarily. But, if space is at a premium, your tables need to do more. Buy tables that you can also use for storage. You can store things like movies, games, or even blankets inside your tables.

Raise Your Bed

As a kid, you probably kept all kinds of things under your bed. This trick still works as an adult. But, if you need more room to store bulky items you can buy inexpensive risers for your bed. Even just an extra quarter-inch can make a big difference in the amount of stuff you can store under a bed.

Mount Your TV

Here are two in one apartment space saving tips: Don’t waste room on a hutch or entertainment center. Mount your TV directly on the wall and save yourself a lot of room. You can also mount a small shelf below the TV for any entertainment accessories you might need.

Get a Floating Wall Desk

You don’t need a separate room to have a home office. Buy a floating wall desk and mount a few shelved above it. Instantly, you have a compact working space that can fit into the corner of just about any room.

Create Zones

While you can’t magically create more rooms in your apartment, you can make it feel like you have more individual rooms by creating zones. Use paint, curtains, and furniture to section off portions of a larger room into smaller zones. You can create a TV zone, a work zone, and a dining zone all in the same room.

Go All the Way to the Ceiling

Here’s a really good apartment space saving tip: The most underutilized space in your apartment is all of the vertical space. Get cabinets or bookshelves that go all the way to the ceiling. Put items you don’t need often on the top shelves. Using this strategy, you can almost double your storage space.

Decorative Boxes

Buy beautiful decorative boxes and put all of your ugly stuff inside of them. These boxes will make you look like a decorating genius, and you will have a great place for everything. Store things like tape, bandaids, and your bills in the boxes. Your stuff is out of sight, but still accessible.

Apartment space saving tips aren’t hard to implement. Want more decor and storage ideas for your apartment? Learn more here.


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