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5 Reasons to Live in Orrville Ohio

Orrville is becoming one of the most popular places to live in the state of Ohio. Located just 20 miles southwest of Akron and 9 miles east of Wooster, Orrville is a top choice for many people who commute daily.

This area of Ohio has beautiful rolling hills, scenic views, and numerous parks and recreational spaces for residents to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. More and more people move out of larger cities to avoid busy city life, and they’re choosing to live in satellite cities.

With a population of almost 9,000, Orrville is the ideal place for you to take advantage of everything a smaller community has to offer.

1. Top-Rated Public Schools

Orrville has some of the top-rated schools in Ohio, making it a great place for young couples or families. With three public schools and three private schools, Orrville presents great educational options. Your child gets the attention they need as the city spends $19,986 per student, and the student-teacher ratio is 16-1.

2. Orrville’s Lower Cost of Living

When comparing the cost of living to the rest of the country, Orrville’s cost of living is 18.7% lower than the U.S. average, with both grocery and housing expenses coming in under national averages too. What does this mean to you if you live in Orrville, Ohio? You’ll be able to spend less and save more, making it more affordable to live in a beautiful and thriving community.

3. Strong and Steady Economy

The unemployment rate in Orville is 3.6%, which is less than the rest of the country. The economy in Orrville is able to remain stable due to several long-standing and healthy businesses and industries operating nearby. These well-known companies that employ Orville residents include J. M. Smucker Company, Smith Dairy, and Schantz Organ Company. Although some residents are employed directly in Orrville, a good number of them commute a short drive to larger cities.

4. Low Crime Rate

Orrville, Ohio reported a rate for violent crime that was 52.6% lower than the national average, and the city property crime rate is also lower than the national average by 46.8%. The crime rates in 2019 are expected to be even lower.

5. Commute Time of Less Than 20 Minutes

Another reason why people live in Orrville, Ohio is that the commute time to work is less than 20 minutes. Every year, it takes people in the U.S. longer to get to work as cities and businesses grow. In Orrville, the commute time to work is, on average, 17.8 minutes to city centers. You can enjoy less time in traffic and more time with your family or doing the activities you love.

Map of Orrville Ohio
Live In Orrville Ohio, Commute to Akron

Why Residents Love Orrville

Orrville has a lot going for it. The feeling of community spirit is celebrated throughout the year with numerous festivals and events in and around the town. Other things to experience around Orrville include the symphony orchestra in Akron and the Ohio Ballet Troupe, which is based out of nearby Munroe Falls. Other cultural attractions are the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, numerous art galleries and museums in Akron and Cleveland, as well as the Cleveland Playhouse.

Orville provides the quiet and natural surroundings you want in everyday life while also being close to major cities and attractions.

Renting: A great way to live in Orrville

While most residents own their home, many more are choosing to rent. The city welcomes short-term renters who live in Orrville, Ohio while on business for a few weeks or months. There’s also a healthy population of college students who rent while attending Wayne College, which is a secondary campus for the University of Akron.

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More people recognize the benefits of living in smaller suburban communities, and the rental market in towns such as Orrville is meeting that demand. Take the time now to consider a move out of the big city and rent your own apartment home in a small community.

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