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5 Benefits of Living In An Apartment

There are many different types of homes you can settle down in. From mortgaged homes to townhomes to high-rise apartments or even single-story rentals, it can be hard to decide which option is right for you. Each option presents both advantages and disadvantages that are important to consider for your own lifestyle.

Redwood Apartments offer a variety of benefits that can be the best fit for your lifestyle, whether you’re looking for a place to call home in an ideal location, a sense of community or hassle-free living. Here are five apartment living benefits that you can take advantage of when calling a Redwood Apartment your next home.

1. Location

Every Redwood neighborhood is carefully placed outside larger metro areas to perfectly balance suburban peace and quiet with access to amenities and the vibrant life of the city. Often, these prime locations are close to local shops and dining, schools, public transportation, grocery stores, churches, parks and more, while many traditional homes require a longer commute to these necessities and conveniences. Many homeowners have to compromise when it comes to living space and location, but Redwood apartment living provides an experience that’s almost compromise free.

Cleveland Downtown

2. Maintenance

Who wants to spend time doing house maintenance instead of having fun? Not many people. One of the leading apartment living benefits is the pleasure of someone else taking care of the maintenance. When a large snowfall occurs overnight or the plumbing needs to be fixed, Redwood’s hassle-free apartment maintenance not only takes care of the issue but foots the bill. Maintenance in reputable apartments like Redwood is typically carried out quite quickly as a result of having a variety of services and handyman at the ready who are familiar with the buildings.

For many homeowners, even searching for the right person to do the job, such as a credible electrician, can take up a lot of unexpected time. And even once you’ve found the right contractor, being home for the maintenance and taking care of the bill are costs that add up over time.

Save your time, money and effort for the things you love, not ongoing home maintenance. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with maintenance-free living in your Redwood apartment.

3. Apartment Amenities

Traditional apartment amenities focus on the “extras” of living, but Redwood is a little different. Redwood amenities are focused on providing the best apartment living experience possible. That’s why the apartments are single-story (goodbye, noisy upstairs and downstairs neighbors). It’s why they include more square footage per floor plan, upgraded appliances and countertops, and an attached garage. Redwood apartments offer a home base that doesn’t feel like a traditional apartment rental, they feel like a single-family home—but without the annoying maintenance, property taxes, yard work and worries. 

Redwood Apartment amenities including single story pet friendly spacious floorplans

Redwood’s approach to apartment living is about giving renters the apartment they deserve. Rather than focusing on putting more apartments on a piece of land, with lower quality building materials, Redwood focuses on making each apartment perfect for the people who will call it home. Outside the apartments, each Redwood Neighborhood offers diverse amenities, like walking paths, dog parks, and water features. And the offices are always doing things to make residents feel at home, like hosting neighborhood events, welcoming them with a personalized gift, and more!

4. Community Living

Immerse yourself in a community of people the day you move in. Redwood Neighborhoods allow you to have your own space while living in a real neighborhood with other renters. This adds a sense of connection to people that many other living arrangements can’t offer.

Redwood apartment residents can find a sense of community as a result of apartment life. While it’s easy to come across many other residents in your daily life, Redwood apartments have the added opportunity to meet people at neighborhood events, at the dog park, getting the mail or even just taking a stroll through the quiet neighborhood. Find gathering places and a sense of community just outside your door at Redwood.

Redwood apartment living benefits also include regular social events, clubs, and special occasions planned to celebrate together, so you don’t even have to stray far from your home to find a group of people that you connect with in the area.

5. Overall Costs

One of the biggest debates when it comes to owning versus renting a home is which option is more cost-effective. While there are arguments for both sides, apartment living can often benefit your wallet in more ways than you think.

According to a Quora article, living in an apartment that is just the right size and nothing beyond the square footage you need can decrease on electrical bills by reducing the electrical points and space you need to heat and cool. 

Owning your own home can also come with hidden costs. When you buy a home, the down payment and mortgage payments aren’t the only factors to consider. Before even purchasing, appraisal and inspection fees, closing costs (and more) can add up. Then, once you’ve moved in, your hard-earned money has to be saved away for emergencies and maintenance, as well as home insurance. In this way, jumping into owning a home can often feel like a gamble, with more responsibility on your shoulders than rental apartment living.

Of course, we all change our minds. Rather than spending money on owning a home and trying your best to find the right fit for your current and future lifestyle, apartment living can provide benefits that allow you to fit the right home for your lifestyle, without the stress of trying to predict the future.

Allow Yourself to Enjoy Apartment Living Benefits

Enjoy the many benefits of living in an apartment when you choose a home Redwood home. Begin the search for the perfect apartment complete with all the amenities you need here or contact us online!


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  2. Ann Wilkinson on August 17, 2020 at 12:59 pm

    I have lived at Redwood in Johnstown, Ohio for 6 years. My Husband (Deceased now) and I have enjoyed it very much. Love it actually. Peaceful, beautiful, well taken care of by Patrick. Nice young man. People care about you here. but they don’t interfere with you at all. I’m 85 and they look after me and help me when I need it. Come join our family and you will be as happy as we are.

  3. Tina Bailey on January 27, 2021 at 2:52 am

    I’ve lived in the Redwood Dublin community for over a year now…and I love it! Spacious and well maintained, great staff and maintenance, friendly neighbors and wonderful for pets! I highly recommend visiting one of their communities.

  4. Bryan Lazor on January 28, 2021 at 2:53 am

    I have lived at Blackberry Trails now for almost a year . I am reminded everyday of the convenience of single floor living and ease of maintenance free living. This year we had a new addition to the family, our first grand child ! Instead of working in the yard or cleaning gutters I now have the freedom to travel back home to Pa to visit our grandson! While my friendly neighbors keep an eye on things for us when we are away! Oh and bring groceries home is no longer a issue ! Just come through the garage and you’re in the kitchen , no steps!!!

  5. Sharon A Clay on July 13, 2021 at 3:58 pm

    I’m very interested in moving to Redwood in Blacklick, Ohio. I’d like to know how many people are on the wait list because I have a house to sell and when it’s sold, I will have no where else to move.

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