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Where To Find Some Great BBQ In Fort Wayne Indiana

Every Redwood neighborhood is constructed in a location that offers the perfect balance between suburban peace and quiet and access to amenities and the vibrant life of the city. Often, these prime locations are close to local shops and dining, schools, public transportation, grocery stores, churches, parks and more. The most important? Access to the best BBQ joints through Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne is known for great BBQ restaurant options, but some rise above the rest with an extensive menu and rave reviews from locals and visitors alike. Here’s everything you need to know about the best BBQ restaurants in Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne Indiana Dunbar BBQ Restaurant

Dunbar’s BBQ Restaurant

This well-renowned BBQ restaurant has been reviewed as not only great food but large portions of great food! This must-try restaurant offers everything. Dive into a plate of ribs and sides, and top it off with a filling dessert at one of Fort Wayne’s most popular BBQ joints.

The extensive menu includes many classic BBQ items, including:

  • Turkey Tips
  • Polish Sausage
  • Rib Tips
  • Ribs
  • Chicken
  • Chicken Wings
  • Sides such as fried okra, macaroni and cheese, onion rings, coleslaw and more.

All the food is in a variety of portions, making it the perfect place to both have your own meal or share it family-style with your friends and family.

Of course, to top off the satisfying plates of homestyle BBQ is the exceptional service that you’ll receive the moment you step in the door at Dunbar’s BBQ Restaurant in Fort Wayne.

Proximity to Redwood Neighborhoods

Located in the south end of Fort Wayne, Dunbar’s is easily accessible from any of the communities of Redwood neighborhoods around the city. For drive times to the restaurant:

  • Redwood Fort Wayne Cowen Place: 20 minutes
  • Redwood Fort Wayne Frost Grass Drive: 23 minutes
  • Redwood Fort Wayne Kinzie Court: 23 minutes
  • Redwood Fort Wayne Brafferton Parkway: 23 minutes

Dunbar’s BBQ Restaurant is truly a family-style restaurant and doesn’t have a website (it’s so popular, it’s arguable the restaurant doesn’t even need one). You can learn everything there is to know, including menu, location and reviews, on their Facebook page.

Smokehaus BBQ

Beginning as a family restaurant in 2018, Smokehaus BBQ has quickly become a fan favorite among many locals and visitors in Fort Wayne. From the moment the restaurant opened, Smokehaus has served Fort Wayne with authentic smoked BBQ in a family-friendly setting.

The menu at Smokehaus BBQ includes many classic BBQ items. The trick to Smokehaus’ delicious eats is a result of using high-quality meats and roasting every protein slow and low for mouthwatering, melt in your mouth plates. When you head to Smokehaus BBQ, you and your friends can look forward to large portions of many classic BBQ dishes including:

  • BBQ nachos
  • Smokehaus wrap with your choice of protein
  • Carolina pulled pork sammich
  • Pork belly bites
  • Coney dogs
  • Brisket
  • Homemade soups

Sides such as BBQ baked beans, cornbread casserole, baked macaroni and cheese, coleslaw and more.

Of course, no classic BBQ meal is complete without a hearty dessert that can only be justified when going out to eat BBQ in Fort Wayne. Smokehaus serves up homemade pies and monster cookies that you won’t be able to resist, no matter how full you are. The restaurant also serves beer for adults to enjoy, with family-friendly drinks for those under the legal age.

Proximity to Redwood Neighborhoods

Smokehaus BBA is easily accessible from the communities of Redwood Neighborhoods in Fort Wayne, making it another BBQ must-try in the area. To help plan your visit from your Redwood home:

  • Redwood Fort Wayne Cowen Place: 22 minutes
  • Redwood Fort Wayne Frost Grass Drive: 19 minutes
  • Redwood Fort Wayne Kinzie Court: 13 minutes
  • Redwood Fort Wayne Brafferton Parkway: 30 minutes

The restaurant is also the perfect place to gather around with your friends for a private event like a birthday! The famous BBQ restaurant located in the Fort Wayne area also has a food truck, so catering to your party venue like the Redwood Clubhouse just moments from your apartment is also an option.

For everything that you need to know about Smokehaus BBQ, including how they started, their menu, prices and location, visit their website.

Bo Doogie’s BBQ


Get ready for mouthwatering BBQ in Fort Wayne when you stop at Bo Doogie’s BBQ.

Named as the Best BBQ in Northeast Indiana, Bo Doogie’s BBQ will not leave you and your friends hungry. The truly homestyle restaurant is made complete with meats a la carte, in a sandwich or complete with a variety of sides that are quintessentially American.

The simple menu at Bo Doogie’s BBQ packs a punch and includes many classic BBQ items, including:

  • Brisket
  • Chopped pork
  • Catfish
  • Ribs
  • Pulled pork
  • Sides such as greens, sweet potato casserole, baked beans, mac and cheese, as well as coleslaw.

If you plan on making your way to Bo Doogie’s BBQ with a group of friends from Fort Wayne, the restaurant offers per pound buying options, so you can share all the delicious dishes with your group. Make sure that you try the delicious meats with one of the restaurants three hot sauces: hot, sweet and vinegar-based), even though the meals are fantastic on their own.

Of course, the service at Bo Doogie’s matches their reputation for food: fantastic. With the combination of delicious BBQ plates and friendly service, you can’t help but feel like you’re dining at home in the backyard with all your friends and family.

Proximity to Redwood Neighborhoods

Located in Auburn, Bo Doogie’s BBQ is accessible by car from any of the Redwood Neighborhoods around the Fort Wayne:

  • Redwood Fort Wayne Cowen Place: 23 minutes
  • Redwood Fort Wayne Frost Grass Drive: 15 minutes
  • Redwood Fort Wayne Kinzie Court: 22 minutes
  • Redwood Fort Wayne Brafferton Parkway: 33 minutes

While Bo Doogie’s BBQ doesn’t have a website, you can learn everything there is to know, including menu, location and reviews, on their Facebook page.

That’s Only the Beginning

There are countless other BBQ options in the Fort Wayne area that are highly reviewed by many people. For more of the many delicious BBQ options in Fort Wayne, head to TripAdvisor for a complete list of restaurants and reviews.

Other BBQ joints in the Fort Wayne area include Shigs in Pit, Lucille’s BBQ, Blue Stack Smokehouse, Ziffle’s Rib Bar and more.

Plenty of Community Amenities to Enjoy

Eating out at BBQ joints isn’t the only activity to enjoy in Fort Wayne, in fact, it’s one of the many! Make a day of it at one of the many nature reserves in the Fort Wayne area, such as the Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve or the Hanson Quarry Observation Deck, before heading to the best BBQ joints in the area to reward yourself for a day well spent. If you feel like switching it around, you can grab some of the delicious BBQ from one of these restaurants to go and have a true picnic at one of the nearby natural spaces.

Experience the best of what Fort Wayne has to offer (especially family-style BBQ restaurants) when you live in a Redwood Neighborhood. Redwood Neighborhoods in Fort Wayne are carefully placed within the city to allow you to take advantage of the peace and quiet of suburban living while still having the vibrant community and restaurants that the city has to offer, right at your fingertips.

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