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Single Story Apartment Home vs. Multi-Story Building

Are you ready to look for a new apartment? With so many options out there, you want to ensure you choose wisely so that you’re happy in your new home. One of the decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want to rent a single-story apartment or a multi-story apartment. Both rental options are available with considerable differences, such as location and convenience. 

1. Single Story Community Feel

Most single-story apartments are located in quieter residential neighborhoods. So, you’ll feel as though you belong to a community. Many single-story apartments are also situated in a prime location with parks, walking paths, and nearby indoor and outdoor recreational centers. If you’re interested in getting to know your neighbors, single-story living is ideal, providing you with ample opportunity to get out into your neighborhood.   

Single-story apartments also allow you easy access in and out of your apartment; no need to wait for the elevator to arrive. In a multi-story situation, when you’re bringing home groceries or other purchases, you may have to make more than one trip up and down. With your single-story apartment, making more than one trip to your car isn’t a huge inconvenience, especially if your single-story apartment has an attached garage.

2. Enjoy Outdoor Green Space

Renting a single-story home means that you can step outside your door and enjoy your own outdoor green space. That is ideal if you have pets or if you want to have your morning coffee outside in the fresh air. Outdoor green space is also important for anyone who enjoys gardening; you’ll have much more space for flower pots or growing your own herbs. Being able to enjoy plenty of green space right outside your door is just one Redwood Advantage when it comes to renting a single-story apartment.

single story apartment home brings community together
Playground security can be an issue for children in large-scale apartment complexes.

3. Attached Garages

Having an attached garage is perhaps one of the biggest perks of renting a single-story apartment. No need to find a parking space or pay for it; your own garage means you can park your car where it’s convenient and accessible. A garage will also allow for extra storage space where you can store your sporting equipment, bikes, and tools.

Multi-story apartments will come with a storage unit, but usually, the amount of storage space you have isn’t enough. Many people end up renting more storage space to keep things they don’t have room for in their multi-story apartment storage area.

4. Open Floor Plans

Multi-story apartment buildings usually have floor plans that aren’t designed for easy and functional living. Many come with small kitchens and living areas that feel cramped and closed in. With a Redwood single-story apartment, you’ll be able to enjoy open floor plans with lots of natural light and plenty of space to breathe.

5. Delivery Right to Your Door

How many times have you ordered something and not been home to receive it? In multi-story apartments, mail and courier delivery is usually unable to enter the building and leave your mail or package outside your door. You’ll receive notification that you have a delivery and then need to find the time to pick it up. When you live in a single-story apartment with your own door access, you can leave instructions for mail and packages to be left at your door, doing away with the inconvenience of having to pick up your mail.

6. Quiet and Peaceful

Multi-story apartments are often much nosier than single-story rentals. Although constructed to minimize noise, you’ll often hear what your neighbors are doing above you. In poorly constructed multi-story apartments, you’ll often be disturbed by neighbors below and on the sides as well.

If you’re looking for quiet living, without listening to your neighbors walk around or watch television into the early morning hours, then single-story living is your answer. When your apartment is situated on one level, you’ll enjoy the privacy of living on your own, which means no loud noises or listening to the water run as your neighbor takes a bath.

Many single-story apartments also offer peaceful living in a residential area. If you’re tired of the noise and busyness of the big city, single-story rentals are a better option for a quiet lifestyle. Located away from the heart of the city, you’ll be able to take advantage of peaceful community living while still being just minutes away from the city’s downtown district.

7. No Walk Ups

With a single-story apartment, everything you need is on one level, and not having stairs to climb is a great advantage if you have any mobility problems or kids. Having all your living space on one floor also makes cleaning easier; no need to take cleaning supplies up and down the stairs.

Being on one level in a single-story rental also provides you an easier exit in the event of an emergency. Whether it’s a false alarm or not, you need to leave your apartment. You’ll be able to quickly exit your single-story home, instead of being caught on an upper floor waiting for the elevator to arrive, or worse, having to take the stairs when you’re already feeling anxious and worried.

When you’re ready to move into a single-story rental and find your neighborhood, take advantage of everything that Redwood has to offer, including single-story apartments, unique open floor plans, and a community spirit that you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll find the perfect apartment that you’ve always dreamed of.


  1. Brown on July 19, 2019 at 11:57 am

    I live in Redwood community…I love it! Just wish it would have been built with better quality. Bathrooms could have tile instead of inlay tubs and shower…carpeting is very cheap…paint should be a satin so you could wash off hand prints with out paint coming off…sidewalks outside would have been nice…doorbell on each house is needed…landscaping could be nicer… was told going have a pond next to my home and it’s not a pond..its muck water with growing weeds…brings alot of bugs…cant even sit outside….

  2. Chuck Margulis on August 1, 2021 at 12:00 am

    My wife and I are selling our home and looking to move to Florida, once my wife retires in 3 to 4 years.
    We are looking to rent a townhouse or something in that size. Please send info on how to start the process! THANKYOU Chuck margulis