7 move out tips for college grads

7 Move Out Tips for College Grads

Ready for your first post-college apartment rental? Here are 7 move-out tips designed to help you easily transition from student to working professional.

Move Out Tips for College Grads

Graduating from college is another significant milestone, so congratulations! Real-life begins now. And one of the things that you’re likely to do, as school is drawing to a close, is finding a new place to live. That might be because you’ve secured a new job that requires relocating, or maybe you just want a fresh start, but there are a few things you should be keeping in mind as you’re moving out.

1. Plan Your Next Move

Hopefully, this is a no-brainer, and if not, why not? Are you moving out with the intention of having a job already waiting for you? Are you going to move then look for a job? Your next move will determine how easy or difficult moving will be.

2. Get Your Living Arrangements Nailed Down

If you’re moving back to your parents’ home, this removes a lot of confusion. But if you’re moving elsewhere, how much of your next living space is already set and ready to go? Do you have someplace to go, or is the plan to look for an apartment or room when you arrive?

3. Purge Dead Furniture

If you’re moving out and you’ve actually purchased some furniture while you were going to school, how much of it is still in good condition? How much do you need? Is that rickety coffee table with one broken leg something you want in your new home? If you’ve got old, “make do” furniture, don’t bring it along.

4. Think About a Deep Clean

Are you in a living situation where you’ve got a security deposit? Do you want that deposit back? Is the living space in the proper condition to get that deposit back? This is more than a move out tip… It’s a necessity. If there’s a lot of dirt or neglect, a deep clean is one way to ensure that you get that money back, so don’t ignore this step.

5. Think About Moving Arrangements

How much stuff do you have? Were they minimal enough that your belongings fit in a couple of boxes that go in the back seat? Or did you acquire enough that you’ll need a moving truck? Do you want to move everything yourself, or do you want to pay someone else to do it for you? Plan now for logistics.

6. Pack in Waves

Don’t stress yourself out by doing all your packing the day before the move, especially if you’ve got a lot of stuff. Break it up into segments. This move out tip is a goldmine. Be sure to do a bit at a time over the course of several days and save yourself the grief. Being able to take your time, in spurts, can make a difference.

7. Ship Ahead of Time

Another way to keep things manageable before the day of the move is to send stuff on ahead. If you’ve got books, or other items, that you don’t need to keep using, and your new home is already ready to receive you, or you have someone there to help, then send those things on ahead! That’s fewer things you need to worry about when the day comes to move out.