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From Resident to Leasing Professional: A Journey

Redwood prides itself on providing each resident with a remarkable living experience. While that experience may start with the apartment homes themselves, many of our residents say they stay at Redwood because they truly feel at home.

From time to time, our residents not only love living with us, they make the transition to become Redwood employees as well!

Meet Kim, a retired police officer who started her journey with Redwood at Redwood Brunswick. Read on to find out about our newest Multi-Site Leasing Professional in the Columbus region who started as a resident of Redwood in Brunswick, Ohio.

Kim and her dog Shadow
We’re excited Kim and her dog Shadow have decided to join the team!

What made you want to work at Redwood?

I retired from my career as a police officer. After living at Redwood Brunswick, I decided I wanted to come out of retirement to start a career as a leasing professional and help people in a different way! The job opportunity was enticing as it was a multi-site position, and I would be able to get to know new neighborhoods. I grew up in the Cleveland area so it’s exciting to branch out to Columbus.

Why did you choose to live at Redwood Brunswick?

I loved the idea that the apartments were essentially built like a house or condo but had the no-maintenance feel of an apartment. Its single story living which is great when you have a dog as well! It had such a great neighborhood feel.

What was your favorite part about living at Redwood Brunswick?

My neighbors were amazing! We had great social events before the pandemic, and we helped each other through 2020, which made such a huge difference—whether that meant buying each other groceries or taking care of pets.

What made you consider working for Redwood and moving to a whole new area?

I choose to live my life in an extraordinary way. Redwood has encompassed many aspects of that extraordinary lifestyle from the home, neighborhood, career, and especially friends and now coworkers.

Any advice for someone thinking about working at Redwood?

If you are looking for a career that encourages fun and professionalism mixed with great benefits and potential friends around for a lifetime, you may be a good candidate.

We hear you’ve moved to another Redwood Neighborhood in Columbus now that you are our Multi-Site Leasing Professional in the area. What’s your favorite part about the new neighborhood?

So far it has been the screened-in porch, and I was lucky enough to get a brand new apartment home. I have enjoyed entertaining and cooking meals in my new kitchen. Also it’s been great getting to know my new neighbors!

Do you have any advice for someone considering living at one of our Redwood Neighborhoods?

Redwood Neighborhoods are perfect for anyone wanting to live in a neighborhood without the maintenance. Our maintenance is available 24 hours—if an emergency comes up, they will handle issues quickly. From my experience, Redwood Neighborhoods tend to have great neighbors, and you also have great privacy because no one is above or below you.

We’re so glad we get to keep Kim as a resident, and we have gained her as an employee! It’s clear she will make a remarkable Redwood Ambassador, and a great neighbor too.

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