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5 Ways to Celebrate National Simplify Your Life Week

What’s National Simplify Your Life Week? It’s exactly what it sounds like. This first week in August serves as a weeklong reminder to all of us who have way too much going on that life doesn’t have to be as stressful as we make it. The little known sibling of spring cleaning, Simplify Your Life Week is when we’re reminded to get rid of the parts of our lifestyle that amp up our anxiety.

Not sure how to get started on simplifying your own life? Try these 5 tips to get you in the groove.

1. Simplify Your Lifestyle™ at Home

It makes total sense that clutter at home adds to your stress levels. But how much stress does it really add? You may not realize it, but those things that have been on your to-do list forever, like cleaning out your closet and organizing the proverbial junk drawer, can build up a stress load over time that feels insurmountable. Instead of waiting to clean, or trying to do it all at once, just go through one room at a time. And if it’s a big room, you might need to work in sections.

Sometimes the clutter in your lifestyle isn’t actual, physical clutter. It’s your lifestyle itself. If you’re spending all your time taking care of a house when what you really want to be doing is swinging your golf clubs, you’re probably building up some stress. One way to relieve that stress? Start thinking about a living situation that takes the pain out of having a home, but without losing the home part of the equation.

2. Focus on Fun

Life is short, and worrying about clutter, home maintenance and the yard can make it seem even shorter. For this week, try focusing on the fun parts of life. Hit the golf course with your friends. Try a new spot for dinner. Explore the walking trails you’ve been meaning to check out all summer. Whatever it is that brings you joy, give it a bit more of your time this week. It might inspire you to make lasting changes to keep your stress levels low.

3. Hire Someone for that Never-Ending “Honey-Do List”

Unless home repairs bring you happiness, it’s time to call in the pros. It might cost a little more than the DIY fixes, but having a professional complete any home repairs can bring you peace of mind. Not only do you get to check something off your list, you also get the satisfaction that it was done right.

4. Take Some Time for You

Busy, stressful lives mean we can often forget to take time for ourselves. That might be reading a good book, playing cards, going to the spa, or even taking an afternoon nap. Just find something that relaxes you and helps you relieve your stress.

5. Explore Your Community

How often are you out and about in your community? It’s summertime, which means there are events almost every weekend in many communities, plus some on weeknights! Leave your stress at home, and see what’s going on this week.

Too many people at the weekend festivals? Try looking on MeetUp for groups of people who like the same hobbies as you. You may find a great writing workshop, a new group of hiking friends, or even a group of people who live to recommend new restaurants. Whatever sounds like fun, and like a low-stress activity, is what you should try and do.

Simplify Your Life the Way it Works for YOU

However you decide to celebrate National Simplify Your Life Week, make it yours. Ready to think about a simpler, more relaxed lifestyle? Check out what single-story apartment homes can bring to your life.

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