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5 Hobbies Perfect for Any Apartment Renter

Hobbies are a fantastic way to spend your free time, as they can be relaxing, creative, and they can help you decompress from the stresses of your day. If you rent an apartment, you may think a hobby you do at home isn’t possible because of your limited space—but this isn’t true! 

Here are some hobbies you could start today in your apartment. 

1 – Crafting Art for Your Apartment 

There is no better décor than the items you craft on your own. Try creating frames, paintings, or even doing a glass etching. With a simple setup on a smaller table, it doesn’t even have to take up much of your valuable living space, and there are even ways to perfectly store your supplies. 

Crafting is also a fun way to gather with friends and loved ones—try hosting a craft night to enjoy creating together. 

2 – Writing the Next Best Novel 

Another space-saving hobby you can try is creative writing or blogging. The best part? All you need to get started is a small writing area! 

Whether you want to blog, write a memoir, or craft the next book series—writing lets your imagination flow with a minimal setup. And with today’s option of self-publishing, there are many ways for you to get your work out there for everyone to see and read.  

3 – Building Your Favorite Model 

If you’re into creating things, then modeling may be perfect for you. Often, the space needed for a model creator is no more than a desk and some storage, which can be as large or as small as you’d like. And with many options for desks that can be folded up and put away, you don’t even have to take up any of your living space permanently for this hobby. 

4 – Capturing the World with Photography 

When you think of photography, you probably imagine going out into a park and taking beautiful landscape shots. However, there are other ways to enjoy this hobby, right in your home. One popular option is to use a photo box, which allows you to appreciate the art of macro photography, or product photography. You can also set up your flexible space to be an ideal editing bay for photos you take outside and elsewhere. With today’s technology, it’s even possible to do this hobby on your phone using its built-in editing software and camera. 

5 – Creating the Perfect Indoor Garden 

You may not have a green thumb, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your own indoor garden! With so many options of plant species, you’ll be able to find the plant perfectly suiting your needs, style, and skillset. You can then use this hobby to decorate any space in your home needing an extra touch of color or a bit of life. Plus, there are many benefits to having plants in your home, including cleaning the air

Having a hobby is something everyone can enjoy, even if you live in an apartment. While some hobbies take up more room than others, there are plenty of space-saving pastimes you can enjoy no matter where you live! And with our list of some of the best, you can find the one that is perfect for you. 

Living at Redwood, you have the advantage of a flexible space available in all our signature floor plans. You can use it to create your perfect hobby area, for whatever you’d like to do. 

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