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3 Ways to Enjoy Suburban Life in Grand Blanc Township

Small town life in Grand Blanc Township, located in Michigan’s Genesee County, is one of the top places to live in the state. The town provides its residents with the best of both worlds—proximity to the city of Flint and suburban charm for a relaxed lifestyle.

The current population of Grand Blanc is almost 8,000, and that’s rising as retirees and young professionals flock to the area looking for great apartment rentals. Why so much interest in rentals in this small town? More people want the convenience of living close to a big city while still enjoying suburban life. Let’s look at the top three ways that residents are enjoying Grand Blanc.

1. Shorten Your Commute to Work

Time is precious, and the more time you spend commuting to work is less time you’ll have to do the things you enjoy. This is one of the top reasons why people relocate to a more desirable area. Moving to and life in Grand Blanc Township lets you enjoy a quieter lifestyle in the suburbs while still only taking 20 minutes to drive to downtown Flint.

2. Enjoy Green Space and the Great Outdoors

Big cities have a lot to offer, but so can smaller, suburban communities such as Grand Blanc. Whether it’s a relaxing game of golf, the Family Fun Fest in June, or a walk through the Grand Blanc Commons, life in Grand Blanc is easy and peaceful. The town is also close to other popular sites and events, such as the Michigan Renaissance Festival or the Flint Cultural Center. Retirees, young professionals, or young couples looking for their first place will find that moving out of the city allows them to experience nature and enjoy outdoor recreational activities, such as biking and hiking.

Live in Grand Blanc Township Michigan and Enjoy Green Parks and Recreation
Grand Blanc Township Michigan Open Green Spaces

3. Rent vs. Buy

The question of renting versus buying always pops up when it comes to housing. The average cost of a home in Grand Blanc is $150,000. If you would love to live in this town but can’t afford to buy or want to test the waters first, there are plenty of Grand Blanc apartment rentals to choose from. Rental options are at an all-time high, and renters make up almost 50% of the real estate market in this city. So, see what the city has to offer while you stay in a tasteful rental.

Redwood Grand Blanc Apartment Rentals

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We make it easy for you to enjoy suburban life in Grand Blanc without having to purchase your own home.

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