Renting vs buying scott and amy's story

Renting vs Buying: Amy & Scott’s Story

Are you trying to decide whether renting vs buying your next home is the right move? Sometimes when you’re not sure, it helps to see the thought process of someone who’s in the same situation.

Take Amy & Scott for example.

This couple of working professionals has been renting the same small downtown apartment for years, and it’s clear that it’s not working anymore. But where are they going to live now? Amy & Scott have to think about what they want in a next home for themselves and their two active dogs.

Watch this video and see what Amy and Scott decide is the right choice for their lifestyle.

Should you rent or buy your next home? See what Amy & Scott decided.

The search for finding the right home can be stressful. Let’s break down the process Amy & Scott used to decide if they should rent vs buy.

Renting vs Buying: How to Decide

The reality is, it’s different for everyone. But we can get you started on the right path with a few simple steps. Take a look!

Know What You Need in a Home

It’s hard to figure out the right home option if you haven’t made your list of absolute necessities. Take a moment to write down what you’d ideally want in your new home and then separate it into a “Needs” and a “Wants” column. Amy and Scott have two dogs, which means that no matter what, they’ll need a home that allows multiple pets. Plus, they’ll have to see if their next home has breed restrictions or any green space nearby to get their pups some exercise.

What’s on your must-have list?

Narrow Down Your Search to a Few Options

Amy & Scott knew that they would probably end up in a home that matched one of the following situations:

  1. Buying a house
  2. Renting a condo
  3. Renting an apartment in a multi-story building
  4. Renting an apartment in a single-story Redwood Neighborhood

Maybe you’re just deciding between owning a home (whether a house or a condo) or renting one (in either a house, condo, or apartment). No matter what, just make sure you know what your options are before you start touring potential homes.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Amy & Scott weren’t completely sold on the home ownership option. While they think they’d like to own a home one day, they aren’t sure if their financial situation is right for home ownership right now. But they do know they’d like to live somewhere bigger than they’re downtown apartment that’s starting to feel a little like a shoebox.

While Amy & Scott are looking for homes, they found a lot of apartments, but none that felt like a true home. That’s when the couple discovered a new option: renting a Redwood Apartment Home.

The single-story, open floor plans provide all the space Amy & Scott need, with a large, 2-car attached garage available with any floor plan. Plus, the apartments are pet friendly, so their two dogs will be happy.

Tour in Person to Get a Feel for Your Renting vs Buying Home Options

Amy & Scott’s deciding factor for renting vs buying was taking a tour of each home – both virtually and in-person. When they walked through the Redwood Apartment Home and the surrounding neighborhood, everything seemed to click. Plus, taking an in-person tour allowed for questions with the leasing team.

If you’re ready to explore the rental options at Redwood Apartment Neighborhoods, take a look at the neighborhoods near you.

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