How Redwood Employees are Staying Positive while Social Distancing

At Redwood, one of our Core Values is “Be Nice & Have Fun,” and our employees truly live it out. As we’ve navigated the uncharted waters of COVID-19, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing, it would have been easy to get a little down. But in true form, our Redwood Ambassadors across six states have been staying positive and sharing with each other what they’ve been up to!

Take a look at how they’ve been using their extra time at home.

Mastering New Skills

Our employees are keeping busy learning new skills or focusing on hobbies they’ve put aside for far too long – cake baking and decorating, learning to speak another language, playing a musical instrument, archery, photography and gardening – just to name a few!

Check out this crochet masterpiece!
One employee said that doodling and coloring is “a nice way to just relax and not think about all this craziness that it is going on right now.”
“My new co-worker and I completed this on our lunch break yesterday. 😊”, said one employee.

Staying Active

Our employees are making sure to keep moving too! They’re motivating each other through sharing their favorite workout routines, including joining in on weekly virtual yoga classes and guided meditation sessions, hosted by our very own Redwood Ambassadors.

One of our Redwood Ambassadors with her “12-month-old free weight.”
Social distancing and softball!
A bike ride to Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio – what a great idea!

Sharing What Makes them Smile

From quality family time spent playing games to FaceTime calls with relatives near and far, sometimes it’s the little things that make our days just a little brighter.

Our Neighborhood Manager at Redwood Avon shared this photo. “Budding trees in Avon brought a smile today. 😊”
Mother and son spreading kindness to others.

Ordering Curbside At Their Favorite Restaurants

Employees shared their go-to curbside pick-up orders. Supporting local restaurants during this time is so important, not to mention delicious. Here are just a few that come highly recommended by our staff.

  • Spinach, Garlic, Bacon and Tomato square pizza at Como’s in Ferndale, Michigan
  • Fattoush Salad and Chicken Shawarma at Malek Al Kabob in Taylor, Michigan
  • Red Bell Pepper stuffed with Shrimp, Chorizo, Onions and Cheese at Cocina de Carlo’s in Perrysburg, Ohio
  • Family style meals for $20/person at Salt+ in Lakewood, Ohio
  • The “best curbside cuisine imaginable” at Simon’s in Des Moines, Iowa

Dreaming of Their Next Adventure

There’s nothing like a little daydreaming to get you through a strange time. Many of our employees shared pictures of places they’ve been – to inspire others on where to visit next (once we’re safe to travel again, of course).

One of our Regional Managers on a trip to the Redwood Forest.
Harry Potter World – a place for wizards and muggles alike!
Honeymoon vibes in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
The panoramic view of the Giants Causeway in Ireland is truly breathtaking.

Staying Connected

Our Redwood Ambassadors said staying connected to our residents and each other is one of their top priorities to keep the positivity flowing.

Redwood Ambassadors in Michigan enjoying their weekly “walk and chat” together.
Our team members in Ohio thank our wonderful residents for every step, precaution and effort to care for one another during this time.
Our Redwood Columbus team misses their residents and wanted to say “hello!”
Team Redwood Iowa hosts virtual BINGO for their residents – what a great idea!

We love seeing the ways our Redwood Ambassadors have been staying positive, and we hope it made you smile as well.

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