Redwood Living Intern Day

Celebrating Redwood’s Interns (Past & Present) on National Intern Day

July 23rd is National Intern Day! In the spirit of celebrating, we thought we’d take a moment to recognize our remarkable current intern and (spoiler) those interns who have moved on to become full-time employees and continued to work at Redwood.

Meet Our Current Intern: Kody Stress

Kody joined us in July of 2019 as an Accounting Intern. Take a look at what he has to say about his internship so far!

Kody Stress, Redwood Accounting intern 2020
Kody has had the unique experience of working from home during his internship!

“I have been an accounting intern at Redwood for a year now, and the experience and knowledge I have gained has been very rewarding and helpful. I really appreciate how Redwood allows interns to be a part of the team and actually contribute, as opposed to just doing ‘intern work’. As an intern, I feel productive because Redwood allows me to handle a portfolio of properties. Plus, everyone on the accounting team has been helpful and happy to answer my many questions.”

Meet Our Past Interns (& Current Redwood Ambassadors!)

Su Yan, Senior Property Accountant

Su Yan started as an intern in 2014, becoming a full-time employee in 2016.

Su Yan, Senior Property Accountant and former Redwood intern

“I started at Redwood as an accounting intern when there were no property accountants, and the whole accounting department had only 6 people in it. At that time, we were managing around 3,000 apartments. Throughout my 5-year experience at Redwood, I’ve been in different roles, such as Accounting Associate, Property Accountant and now Senior Property Accountant. In the meantime, Redwood now has more than 13,000 apartments with around 40 people in the accounting team. Instead of a place to work, Redwood is more like a family to me. The people and the culture make me truly grateful to be a part of the team. Looking forward to continuously growing with Redwood! We are Redwood!”

Christopher Zimmer, Senior Property Accountant

Christopher started with Redwood in 2016, starting full-time work in 2017.

Christopher Zimmer, Senior Property Accountant and former intern

“Working for Redwood has been amazing and I’m looking forward to continue growing professionally with the company!  I am always learning and always feel that I am listened to and appreciated in every role on my journey from Accounting Intern to Full time Property Accountant to Senior Property Accountant.”

Dominique Hall, Financial Analyst

Dominique interned with us starting in 2017, moving to full-time work in 2018!

Dominique Hall, Financial Analyst and former Redwood intern

“As an intern at Redwood, I was able to get real, hands-on experience which helped prepare me for my full-time position as a Financial Analyst. Redwood has helped me grow personally and professionally, and I am very grateful to work for a company that appreciates me and the work that I do on a daily basis.”

Joseph Kotik, Property Accountant

Joseph also interned in 2017, joining the team in 2018.

Joseph Katik, Property Accountant and former Redwood intern

“I was very fortunate to be chosen as an Accounting Intern. It opened the door to Redwood, and it lead me to my full-time position as a Lease-Up Property Accountant.  I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Redwood Family and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!”

Victoria Pryor, Property Accountant

Victoria started as an intern in 2018, starting full-time work in 2019.

Victoria Pryor, Property Accountant and former Redwood Intern

“I’ve interned with a few companies and Redwood is by far the only place I immediately saw myself working for. From start to finish I support what Redwood does for the communities we serve! I have always felt appreciated for my role, and this allows me to continuously grow both personally and professionally. Thanks Redwood!”

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