One factor that can make or break the rental experience: your landlord

You’re doing your research and planning ahead for your next apartment move. When assessing all your options, chances are you are laser-focused on comparing monthly rental rates, apartment and community amenities, parking arrangements, etc. And understandably so – all those factors will have a significant impact on your rental experience. But a key differentiator that you might not be thinking about that can make or break your rental experience is the commitment you can count on from your landlord.

Unbeknownst to many renters when they sign leases, a landlord might have a very short-term vision for their involvement with the property. What looks like an attractive rental rate might be designed to reel you in and simply fill units. In the world of multifamily real estate, it is not uncommon for a company to either develop or acquire a property, manage it for a short period of time, and sell it off during the duration of your tenancy. That strategy can lead to several long-term implications for you as the renter and leave you highly dissatisfied with your decision.  

Digging a little deeper to better understand who your potential landlord/property management company is and the history of their operations is time well-spent. Finding one that has a long-term commitment to that property means they are invested in all the following things that will make living in that community a positive experience. 

Invested in the property 

If your landlord was involved with the development and construction of the property, that means they made critical decisions early on that will be seen and felt by residents for years to come. Consider things like the quality of their building materials – were units property insulated and sound- proofed? Can the appliances, fixtures and finishes withstand everyday wear and tear, or will you be dealing with the disruption and inconvenience of frequent service calls/repairs?  

Long-term landlords will also put a different level of care into placemaking – all the intimate details that make an apartment complex feel more like a neighborhood. As the property matures so will all the vegetation, requiring the property manager to be diligent in landscaping efforts and overall upkeep of the grounds.   

Invested in the service 

A landlord that plans to stick around wants you to as well. To help ensure happy, long-term residents, a long-term landlord will prioritize the quality of the property’s customer service, and that starts at your very first interaction with their team as a potential resident. It will be clear that staff is highly trained and there are established property-wide processes and procedures that are diligently followed. Work orders will be handled swiftly and thoroughly, and property management will cater to the individual needs of its residents, always communicating openly and honestly. Property management will also regularly solicit feedback from its residents to ensure the quality of service continues to meet and exceed expectations.  

Invested in people 

A final testament to a landlord’s long-term commitment is the attention paid to its people – both residents and staff. Property management will work hard to earn your trust and respect, and will go above and beyond to get to know you through casual interactions as well as planned social events, such as movie nights, happy hours, cookouts and more.  

Residents can expect this level of care because the landlord has invested the time and resources to build an exceptional property management team. Thanks to in-depth training, continued education and ongoing recognition efforts, a culture of commitment has been established that has a positive ripple effect on the resident experience.  

The Redwood Advantage 

Redwood is an innovative, ground-up construction, development and property management company. For more than 30 years, we have been reinventing the traditional apartment rental experience. We developed and still manage all 15,000 of our apartment homes in 120+ neighborhoods. Where many developers build a rental property and sell it, Redwood has a more holistic approach: we believe the only way to ensure the quality of home our residents deserve is to stay involved in each Redwood-managed neighborhood for its lifetime. In turn, residents can enjoy the advantages of a best-in-class apartment experience for as long as they’d like. 

There are multiple methods to identifying a committed landlord. Take a read through these and even more helpful rental advice on Redwood’s blog. Interested in finding an apartment managed by Redwood? Head to and search for your desired location.