A Day in the Life: Maria, Redwood Orrville Neighborhood Manager 

Redwood is lucky to have fantastic employees—from on-site Neighborhood Managers, Leasing Professional and Service Technicians, to our corporate team. Each of our Redwood Ambassadors work in their area of expertise to help create a remarkable experience for our residents.  

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a Neighborhood Manager is really like? We spoke with Maria, Neighborhood Manager at Redwood Orrville, to discuss her experience, and all she does to make her neighborhood remarkable. 

How did you become a Neighborhood Manager at Redwood? 

My situation was a little unique. I was offered a position as a Leasing Professional at Redwood Brunswick initially. Usually, it takes longer to become a Neighborhood Manager if you start as a Leasing Professional, but I worked my tail off learning everything I could, and a few managers took me under their wing. A few months later, I was offered the Neighborhood Manager position at Redwood Green. Over the years, I was also with Redwood Louisville before finally coming to Redwood Orrville.  

What is your daily routine? 

I get in about 9:30 each morning—the office doesn’t open until 10. I take the extra time to get settled, go through emails, and listen to any voicemails. I then dive into follow-ups with prospects, applicants to the neighborhood, or residents who have any issues. Next, I work on daily required reports, and reach out to residents with maintenance requests.  I always make sure to keep up with our residents because the relationships I have with them can make or break their experience living at our neighborhood. I like to say renewals don’t happen at renewal time, you want to be working towards a renewal the entire residency. 

What is your favorite part of your job? 

Building a rapport with residents is definitely my favorite part of the job. I always like to leave my garage door open at the office to let people know I’m in. And when they’re out, maybe walking their dog, they’ll stop in just to say hello. 

I also love to do resident events, or even just send out little gifts at renewal time. I have residents stop by, and we have a cup of coffee together and chat for a little bit, and they really become friends. They tell you about their life, and you share stories from your life.  

What do you want residents to know about you and how you can help? 

I would like them to know I am here and happy to help them with any issues or even just explain something that confuses them. If you need help with setting up your resident portal, or if you’re getting frustrated with how to navigate our website or resident app, I’m here to assist. 

How do you feel about working at Redwood? 

I love Redwood! The culture is wonderful, and it’s really a company that cares about their employees, values their time, and promotes having a work-life balance. Redwood is fantastic not just because of their residents and how they work on building remarkable homes, but also because of how they work so hard to create a positive culture and environment for their employees. 

Did you know Redwood has 133+ neighborhoods in eight states? We’re always looking for remarkable people to join our team, and our Talent Acquisitions team would love to speak with anyone interested in becoming a Redwood Ambassador. Discover an opportunity, and find out more information today.